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Accelerated Reader (AR)

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a web based program that makes reading practice more effective and fun for every student.

It personalizes reading practice to each student's current independent level and uses books available in your home, the school or public library, and the classroom. AR's goal is to measure a students' reading comprehension on each book read. It builds a lifelong love of reading and learning.

AR Program Links:

Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader | AR HomeConnect | AR Book Finder

Parents and Students Can Search for AR Books From Home!

Parents, teachers, and students can conduct book searches by author, readability level, point value, and topic from home. They can place the titles in their online AR Book Bag, print it, and take it to their library. Visit

Reading Success is Easy With AR:

  1. Student Reads a Book. Students choose books at their appropriate reading levels and read them at their own pace.
  2. Student Takes a Quiz. Accelerated Reader quizzes of five or ten questions monitor students' reading performance and vocabulary growth.
  3. Immediate Feedback. Students and teachers get quiz scores immediately.