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Minds in Motion

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Success Requires Sensory, Motor & Neural-Development

A growing body of mainstream scientific research clearly points to the critical role that sensory/motor/neural development plays in the learning process.

This all-important neural development cannot be bolstered by a traditional desktop learning approach. It requires addressing a whole host of physiological issues through integrating movements. That is where Minds-In-Motion comes into play.


Our reserach-validated program is designed to stimulate a student's:

  • VISUAL Processing
  • AUDITORY Processing
  • MOTOR Skills

The outcome is a better integrated and balanced child who will perform better in school and at home. The patented and fun protocols are based upon NASA technology. The program will bolster academic and social achievement.




Mrs. Green - Kindergarten Teacher
"For the children in my classroom, the Minds In Motion room brings a calming feeling. Each student knows what a specific station is about and what he/she should be focusing on."

Ms. Walker - Kindergarten Teacher
"The 'Eye to Eye' station is a great one to see each students' ability to track a moving object. While doing this station with them you are able to tell if their eyes work together and if they can follow the pom-pom using a pattern of motions. The students who are able to do this are said to be good readers which I have found to be true. The ones who are not able to follow the pom-pom usually have a hard time reading, an attention issue, or trouble with tracking words/numbers on a page."

Mrs. Oxley - Third Grade Teacher
"I take my class at 8:30 in the morning, so it really seems to wake them up and get them focused for the day. I have seen students improve at different stations."


"It wakes me up and I pay more attention." Jackson Raber
"It makes me feel powerful at school." Phoenix Schmitt
"I like getting more exercise at school." Daniel Elpers
"It makes me feel focused and calm." Brennen Payne
"It helps me focus." Braylee Marmolejo
"It helps me think." Lydia Wilson